samedi 13 février 2016

UK DECAY : Dresden [VIDEO]

13 février 1945 - 13 février 2016 : souvenons-nous...

En ce funeste 71ème anniversaire, voici la chanson que UK DECAY avait consacrée en 1982 à un crime de guerre allié emblématique, celui de DRESDE.

Paroles/Lyrics :

Dresden baby
Where's the lesson to learn ?
No source or reference
All your evidence burnt
Ashes the cinders they fall
But no midnight deadlines
For your ball
Because you're waiting
Oh, still waiting

No witness left
The walls now deaf
No witness left
To testify
Who'll testify ?
Against your war crimes

And they're waiting
Oh, still waiting
Feeling for the cause
Hands raised please
The lemmings fall
To take the call
To sleep with ease

Stranger in danger
Calls aid to his side
He calls for a good Samaritan
A protection of pride

The war, the spoils
From cold turns to boil
And we're waiting
Oh still waiting.

The epitaph
The charred terrain
The board wiped clean
To try and start,
They'll start again
Playing your war games

And we're waiting
Oh still waiting
They're feeling
For the cause
Hands raised please
The lemmings fall
To take the call
So sleep with ease
1980 Germany
1980 Germany
Time moves on
Predictions proved
Wrong - again
1980 Germany
And I'm still waiting...

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